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A system for controlling configuration settings for mobile data communication devices and services includes a redirection server and a policy generation system. The redirection server detects a triggering event in a host system and in response to the triggering event continuously redirects data items from the host system to a wireless network. Each mobile data communication device receives data items from the wireless network and includes a device configuration stored in a memory location on the mobile data communication device. The device configuration of each mobile data communication device controls one or more functions of the mobile data communication device. The policy generation system receives a policy setting from a user interface and stores the policy setting in a user information record associated with a mobile data communication device. The redirection server detects the policy setting in the user information record and in response to detecting the policy setting transmits the policy setting over the wireless network to the mobile data communication device associated with the user information record. The mobile data communication device automatically modifies the device configuration to include the policy setting. Methods of controlling a configuration setting in mobile data communication devices are also disclosed.

System and method for controlling configuration settings for mobile communication devices and services
Application Number
Publication Number
7317699 (B2)
Application Date
October 28, 2002
Publication Date
January 8, 2008
Wen Gao
Denny K Chiu
James A Godfrey
Robert C Liang
Krishna K Pathiyal
Jones Day
Research in Motion
H04L 12/28
H04Q 7/00
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