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Methods and systems for managing the communications and information resources of a user. A manager interfaces with communications systems such as a telecommunications and/or data network. The manager allows a user to participate in, keep track of, log, monitor, and engage or direct activities relating to communications. The manager may include user data and keep it current. The manager may receive and display data on a user's communications. The manager may respond to communications with a standard or selected response, and/or based on the user's instructions. The manager may make information related to the data or the received communications available. The manager may include a message log with entries on communications of the user including instant or chat room messages, and unanswered calls. An entry from the message log may be made available as related information to a communication received for the user. The manager may include a directory that is kept current using data on received communications. The manager may include a calendar with scheduled activities. A scheduled activity may be made available as related information to data on a received communication.

Methods and systems for a communications and information resource manager
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7313617 (B2)
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September 28, 2001
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December 25, 2007
Richard A Anderson
Alpharetta, 30022
Peter Hill
Atlanta, 30309
Robert A Koch
Norcross, 30092
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Jodi Hartman
Geoff Sutcliffe
Scott P Zimmerman PLLC
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