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A technique of, and circuitry for sampling, sensing, reading and/or determining the data state of a memory cell of a memory cell array (for example, a memory cell array having a plurality of memory cells which consist of an electrically floating body transistor). In one embodiment, sense amplifier circuitry is relatively compact and pitched to the array of memory cells such that a row of data may be read, sampled and/or sensed during a read operation. In this regard, an entire row of memory cells may be accessed and read during one operation which, relative to at least architecture employing multiplexer circuitry, may minimize, enhance and/or improve read latency and read access time, memory cell disturbance and/or simplify the control of the sense amplifier circuitry and access thereof. The sense amplifier circuitry may include write back circuitry to modify or “re-store” the data read, sampled and/or sensed during a read operation and/or a refresh operation in the context of a DRAM array. The sense amplifier circuitry of this embodiment restores and/or refreshes data in an entire row of volatile and/or destructive read type memory cells in parallel. This architecture may minimize, enhance and/or improve write back and read latency parameters, relative to at least architecture employing multiplexer circuitry. Also, data that has been read, sampled and/or sensed by the sense amplifier circuitry during a read operation may be modified before being written back to one or more of the memory cells of the selected row of the array of memory cells.

Sense amplifier circuitry and architecture to write data into and/or read from memory cells
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7301838 (B2)
Application Date
December 12, 2005
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November 27, 2007
Eric Carman
William Kenneth Waller
Neil A Steinberg
Innovative Silicon
G11C 7/00
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