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The present invention relates to an interposer substrate for interconnecting between active electronic componentry such as but not limited to a single or multiple integrated circuit chips in either a single or a combination and elements that could comprise of a mounting substrate, substrate module, a printed circuit board, integrated circuit chips or other substrates containing conductive energy pathways that service an energy utilizing load and leading to and from an energy source. The interposer will also possess a multi-layer, universal multi-functional, common conductive shield structure with conductive pathways for energy and EMI conditioning and protection that also comprise a commonly shared and centrally positioned conductive pathway or electrode of the structure that can simultaneously shield and allow smooth energy interaction between grouped and energized conductive pathway electrodes containing a circuit architecture for energy conditioning as it relates to integrated circuit device packaging. The invention can be employed between an active electronic component and a multilayer circuit card. A method for making the interposer is not presented and can be varied to the individual or proprietary construction methodologies that exist or will be developed.

Universal energy conditioning interposer with circuit architecture
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7301748 (B2)
Application Date
June 30, 2005
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November 27, 2007
William M Anthony
Erie, 16506
Anthony A Anthony
Erie, 16505
H02H 9/00
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