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Non-standard sport projectiles, in accordance with this invention, include at least one linear through hole. As this non-standard sport projectile passes through the air, after being hit by, for example, a golf club, the non-standard sport projectile spins. When the above-mentioned through hole is generally aligned with the projectile's direction of flight, air passes through the through hole, and the aerodynamic characteristics of the non-standard sport projectile are enhanced. When the through hole is not aligned with the projectiles direction of flight the aerodynamic characteristics are reduced. As a result, the non-standard sport projectile experiences rapidly repeating intervals of relatively high aerodynamic flight and relatively low aerodynamic flight as the non-standard sport projectile spins around the center cross section of the through hole.

Practice sport projectile having a through hole
Application Number
Publication Number
7300357 (B2)
Application Date
February 5, 2003
Publication Date
November 27, 2007
John V Breaker
Golden, 80401
Richard C Breaker
Golden, 80401
Holland & Hart
A63B 41/00
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