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A combined tool includes a cutting tool that has a housing including a pair of conjoined shells. Each shell has a U-shaped notch formed at a distal end thereof that form a rectangular opening when the shells are abutted. Each shell has an interior groove formed therein that creates a storage chamber after the shells are abutted. A fastener is inserted through the shells. A plastic cap is connected to proximal ends of the shells. A measuring tape has a housing and an extendable and retractable body housed therein that has a rigid stop member coupled thereto. The stop member is vertically interfitted into the opening and remains spaced from the storage chamber so the user can maintain a continuous line of sight into the storage chamber while the body is engaged with the opening. The measuring tape and the cutting tool travel in sync during cutting procedures.

Gypsum board cutting tool
Application Number
Publication Number
7266854 (B1)
Application Date
April 19, 2006
Publication Date
September 11, 2007
Carlos Gomez
Beltsville, 20705
B25D 1/00
B26B 11/00
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