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An illumination device simulates neon lighting using a light source for emitting light of a predetermined first hue and a light-transmitting medium having a predetermined density of phosphorescent dye positioned adjacent to the light source. The phosphorescent dye will absorb light emitted by the light source and emit light of a second hue. An observer of the device perceives light that is of a hue that is different from the predetermined first hue. A means for varying the intensity of the light emitted by the light source creates color changing effects in the illumination device. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are a suitable light source. A waveguide having both optical waveguide and light scattering properties is used to diffuse the combined light and simulate the uniform appearance of a neon tube. Alternatively, the waveguide itself can be doped with phosphorescent dye to emit light having the perceived hue.

Illumination device for simulating neon or similar lighting using phosphorescent dye
Application Number
Publication Number
7264366 (B2)
Application Date
December 29, 2004
Publication Date
September 4, 2007
George R Hulse
Arlington Heights
Jeffrey A Haeberlin
David W Nagle Jr
Stites & Harbison PLLC
iLight Technologies
F21V 9/16
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