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A platform or workstation comprising a plurality of various size holes and slots for holding blood specimens, test tubes, gel-cards and reagent bottles in an organized arrangement to simplify testing of the blood specimens and to eliminate the likelihood of human error. The platform comprises a top plate, a middle plate and a bottom plate which are spaced apart in a parallel plates arrangement. The top plate and the middle plate each comprise a plurality of holes in a matrix configuration for receiving blood specimen tubes and test tubes, and one or more columns of slots adjacent to the matrix configuration of holes for receiving gel-cards. Other size holes are provided for receiving the reagent bottles. The workstation organizes blood specimens, test tubes and gel-cards in a row and stores reagents needed to perform tests using 57 holes of 3 sizes and 16 slots in a predetermined arrangement.

Blood bank testing workstations
Application Number
Publication Number
7258240 (B2)
Application Date
March 3, 2004
Publication Date
August 21, 2007
Harvey M Wescott III
Billerica, 01862
Pearson & Pearson
Walter F Dawson Esq
John H Pearson Jr Esq
A47B 73/00
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