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The present invention is an assembly comprising a prosthetic valve to be implanted; a radially expandable stent comprising at least one zone intended to be expanded to allow the stent, in the expanded state, to bear against the wall of the body duct to be fitted with the valve, this bearing making it possible to immobilize this stent with respect to this wall; and means for mounting the valve with respect to the stent, making it possible to connect the valve to the stent in such a way that the placement of the stent allows the valve to be mounted in the body duct, and expansion means such as a balloon catheter being provided to trigger expansion of the stent at the implantation site. According to the invention, the valve and the stent are designed in such a way that, at the moment when the stent is expanded, the valve is situated outside the zone or zones of the stent that are subjected to said expansion means. The invention thus consists in separating the valve and said zone or zones to be expanded, so that the expansion of the stent can be effected with an expansion force suitable for perfect anchoring of this stent in the wall of the body duct to be fitted with the valve, and without any risk of destruction or damage of the valve.

Kit enabling a prosthetic valve to be placed in a body enabling a prosthetic valve to be put into place in a duct in the body
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7252682 (B2)
Application Date
July 4, 2002
Publication Date
August 7, 2007
Jacques Seguin
Old Windsor
Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear
A61F 2/24
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