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Multiple lighting apparatus coupled together to form a lighting network, in which operating power is efficiently provided throughout the network based on a distributed DC voltage or a distributed AC voltage. Based on various power driver configurations, each lighting apparatus incorporates one or more power drivers for one or more LED-based loads. In one example, a controlled predetermined power is provided to a load without requiring any feedback information from the load (i.e., without monitoring a load voltage and/or load current). In another example, a “feed-forward” power driver for an LED-based light sources combines the functionality of a DC-DC converter and a light source controller, and is configured to control the intensity of light generated by the light source based on modulating the average power delivered to the light source in a given time period, without monitoring and/or regulating the voltage or current provided to the light source. In various examples, significantly streamlined circuits having fewer components, higher overall power efficiencies, and smaller space requirements are realized.

LED-based lighting network power control methods and apparatus
Application Number
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7233115 (B2)
Application Date
March 14, 2005
Publication Date
June 19, 2007
Ihor A Lys
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C
Color Kinetics Incorporated
G05F 1/00
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