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An optical channel switch comprising independent optical space switches interconnects electronic data-switch modules to form a high-capacity wide-coverage network. The optical channel switch connects incoming wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) links each originating from a data-switch module to outgoing WDM links each terminating in a data-switch module. The optical space switches are of equal dimension, each having the same number of dual ports (input-output ports). The channels of incoming WDM links are assigned to the input ports of the space switches and the output ports of the space switches are assigned to channels of the outgoing WDM links in a manner which permits a switched path from any data-switch module to any other data-switch module even when the number of data-switch modules substantially exceeds the number of dual ports per space switch. A method of reconfiguring the channel switch in response to varying traffic demand is also disclosed.

Self-configuring distributed switch
Application Number
Publication Number
7209454 (B2)
Application Date
April 9, 2003
Publication Date
April 24, 2007
Maged E Beshai
McGuinness & Manaras
Nortel Networks
H04J 14/02
H04L 12/50
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