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A rotor for a wind power installation having at least one rotor blade. The smaller the surface area on which the wind acts, that is to say in particular the rotor blade area, the correspondingly lower is the load level for which installation has to be designed and the correspondingly more easily can the rotor blade be transported. On the other hand the size of the wind power installation entails minimum dimensions which are unavoidable for operation and below which the installation dimensions may not fall. In order to provide a rotor blade which on the one hand has the aerodynamically required surface area but which on the other hand is so designed that the surface area of the rotor blade and therewith the depth thereof can be reduced in predetermined situations a part of the surface of the rotor blade is deformmable or movable.

Rotor blade for a wind power installation
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7204674 (B2)
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December 20, 2001
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April 17, 2007
Aloys Wobben
Aurich, D-26607
Seed IP Law Group PLLC
F03D 7/04
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