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A stacked DRAM memory chip for a Dual In Line Memory Module (DIMM) is disclosed. According to one aspect, the DRAM memory chip comprises at least four stacked DRAM memory dies. Further, the memory dies are each selectable by a corresponding internal memory rank signal. Each memory die comprises an array of memory cells. A common internal address bus is provided for addressing the memory cells and is connected to all stacked DRAM memory dies. Internal data buses are provided for writing data into the memory cells and reading data out of the memory cells of the DRAM memory dies. An integrated redriving unit comprises buffers for all internal address lines provided for driving external address signals applied to address pads of the DRAM memory chip. A multiplexer/demultiplexer switches the internal data lines of the selected DRAM memory die. A memory rank decoder selects a corresponding memory die.

Stacked DRAM memory chip for a dual inline memory module (DIMM)
Application Number
Publication Number
7200021 (B2)
Application Date
December 10, 2004
Publication Date
April 3, 2007
Siva Raghuram
Jenkins Wilson Taylor & Hunt P A
Infineon Technologies
G11C 5/02
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