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A platform comprising a plurality of holes and slots for holding blood specimens, test tubes and gel-cards in an organized arrangement to simplify testing of the blood specimens and to eliminate the likelihood of human error. The platform comprises a top plate, a middle plate and a bottom plate which are spaced apart. The top plate and the middle plate each comprise rows of holes in a matrix configuration and a column of slots adjacent to the rows of holes. The bottom plate only has 5 screw holes for securing the top plate, middle plate and bottom plate together. A first row comprises a 16 mm hole followed by nine 12.5 mm holes equally spaced adjacent to each other and a slot (2 mm×72 mm) positioned adjacent to the last 12.5 mm hole. The testing platform comprises a total of eight rows, each row being parallel to said first row.

8GC platform
Application Number
Publication Number
7191904 (B2)
Application Date
February 24, 2004
Publication Date
March 20, 2007
Harvey M Wescott III
North Billerica, 01862
Pearson and Pearson
Walter F Dawson Esq
John H Pearson Jr Esq
A47B 73/00
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