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Systems and methods for applying a web material to substrates are disclosed. In one example, there is provided a single first drive that may be coupled to a feed mechanism, a vacuum roll, and a rotary knife such that the respective peripheral speed of the feed mechanism, the vacuum roll, and the rotary knife is adjustable to provide a cut web material length that is in registry with a predetermined location on the substrate. In another example, there is disclosed a method that involves detecting a substrate to which a length of web material can be applied, and initiating introduction of a web material into a feed mechanism only if the substrate is detected. Another example includes introducing a web material traveling at a predetermined speed onto a vacuum roll that is positioned near a rotary knife, and rotating the rotary knife at a peripheral speed that is substantially the same as the predetermined speed of the web material traveling on the vacuum roll.

Web material application methods and systems
Application Number
Publication Number
7172666 (B2)
Application Date
December 17, 2002
Publication Date
February 6, 2007
Michael A Fairchild
Vancouver, 98683
Matthew E Groves
La Center, 98629
Klarquist Sparkman
B32B 37/00
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