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The present invention comprises a system and method for administering medications to a plurality of patients in a medication institution. A preferred system comprises a workflow program for generating a scheduler, wherein the scheduler coordinates the administration of medications to the patients, a medicine cabinet, responsive to said scheduler, for storing medications and dispensing the medications to an authorized user for administration to the patients, the workflow program providing the cabinet with patient specific information relating to said dispensation of the medications including a physician order for each patient, and a medicine cart, coupled to the medicine cabinet, for instructing said authorized user in the administration of said medication to each of said patients. The cart comprises a plurality of patient specific cart drawers for storing the medication to be administered to each patient, wherein each cart drawer remains unidentified as patient specific until the medication cart receives said patient specific information, and a cart processor, wherein the cart drawers are filled with medicine from the medicine cabinet for each patient associated with each patient specific cart drawer in accordance with the respective physician order for each patient.

Medication administration system
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7155306 (B2)
Application Date
December 12, 2002
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December 26, 2006
Batami Sadan
Tel Aviv
Gilead Asseo
Kfar Maas
David Haitin
Tel Aviv
John W Goldschmidt Jr
Dilworth Paxson
MDG Medical
G07F 17/00
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