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Methods and systems for receiving and displaying venue-based data at hand held devices are disclosed herein. Data transmitted from one or more venue-based data sources may be received by at least one hand held device present within a venue, such as a sports stadium or concert arena. Such data can be processed for display on a display screen associated with the hand held device. The processed data may be then displayed on the display screen, thereby enabling a user of the hand held device to view venue-based data through the hand held device. Such venue-based data viewable through the hand held device within the venue may include real-time and instant replay video images and clips, advertising and promotional information, scheduling, statistical, historical and other informational data, or a combination thereof.

Providing multiple perspectives for a venue activity through an electronic hand held device
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7149549 (B1)
Application Date
November 8, 2000
Publication Date
December 12, 2006
Kermit D Lopez
Albuquerque, 87110
Luis M Ortiz
Albuquerque, 87109
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