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An apparatus and a process of removing moisture in situ from a generally tubular outer insulation jacket about an underground electrical power distribution cable having opposite end zones in combination with a mating terminator in fluid sealing relation on one of the end zones of the cable, the cable including an inner core including a bundle of longitudinal strands of electrically conductive material defining longitudinally extending interstices between the strands, and the core and interstices extending axially through the jacket and having end zones extending axially from the insulation jacket which includes introducing gas at an elevated low pressure relative to ambient pressure directly into the interstices between said conductive strands at one end zone to flow through the interstices within the core without being in direct contact with the outer insulation jacket and out the other end zone of the cable to withdraw moisture and dry the insulation jacket about the core to retard and reduce tree formations in said outer insulation jacket.

Apparatus and process for servicing underground electrical power distribution cables
Application Number
Publication Number
7146745 (B2)
Application Date
May 27, 2004
Publication Date
December 12, 2006
Douglas E Kirk Sr
Miami, 33031
Thomas G Kent
Homestead, 33031
Malloy & Malloy P A
H02G 15/013
H02G 15/02
H01B 9/06
F26B 25/00
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