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A method, system and software for broadcasting, receiving, providing and/or configuring an electronic program guide (EPG). A broadcast station broadcasts a template to a system where program information is inserted into the broadcasted template, thereby creating a station specific EPG. The template accesses program information, service information, event information, user interface information, etc., for configuration and presentation of the EPG to the user. User interface assets and other associated information such as program information, tuning information, etc., may be accessed through a local data base or even through a broadcast signal containing the desired information. Event handling instructions are provided for selecting programs and events and accessing service information, tuning information, etc., for selected programs and events. Additionally, application program interfaces are accessible for execution, tuning, program, and scheduling information, etc. Templates are provided through a propagated signal wherein the signal may contain further information relating to channel information, user preference information, application information, return channel information, etc.

Method, system, and software for creating and utilizing broadcast electronic program guide templates
Application Number
Publication Number
7134133 (B1)
Application Date
November 8, 1999
Publication Date
November 7, 2006
Theodore David Wugofski
Fort Worth
McGrath Gelssler Olds &
Scott Charles Richardson
H04N 7/173
G06F 3/00
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