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A hydroelectric power generating method and/or apparatus provides one or more inlet pipes perpendicular to a flow of water in a stream or river. The inlet pipes have a length and plural apertures along the length of the at least one inlet pipe. A feedline and a turbine generator combination are interconnected with the inlet pipes. One or more outlet pipes are interconnected with the feedline and the turbine generator combination. The outlet pipes have an elevation lower than the inlet pipe. A flow of water passes through the inlet pipes, the feedline, the turbine generator combination, and the outlet pipes, and generates electricity from the flow of water passing through the turbine generator combination. The hydroelectric power generating method also provides a pressure dissipation device that causes a reduction in the pressure of the water so that the water can be released safely back into the stream or river.

Method and apparatus for generating hydro-electric power
Application Number
Publication Number
7084521 (B1)
Application Date
November 29, 2005
Publication Date
August 1, 2006
Gerald G Martin
Hays, 59527
Richard C Litman
F03B 13/00
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