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A cam for an archery bow is constructed comprising a body for guided entrainment of a bow string. The body accommodates an axle for mounting the body to the bow for rotation about an axis of the axle. At least one adjuster is carried by the body for adjustment between at least two positions. The adjuster is arranged in a first position to define a first draw weight and draw length of the bow, and in a second position to define a second draw weight of the bow. At least one of the draw weights and draw lengths are different, so that moving the adjuster from its first position to its second position changes either the draw weight, draw length, or both.

Archery bow and cam arrangement
Application Number
Publication Number
7082937 (B1)
Application Date
April 21, 2004
Publication Date
August 1, 2006
Spencer Land
Henderson, 89014
Reising Ethington Barnes Kisselle P C
F41B 5/10
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