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A method includes the steps of: providing an electric coffee brewing machine; providing a single-use, disposable brew basket, inserting the disposable brew basket into the electric coffee brewing machine; brewing a single cup of coffee with the electric coffee brewing machine; and discarding the disposable brew basket after the single cup of coffee has been brewed. The electric coffee brewing machine has a cold water reservoir, an electric heating element for heating the water, and a basket receiving recess. The disposable brew basket has a bottom wall and at least one side wall extending generally upwardly from the bottom wall to define a brewing reservoir for receiving heated water from the electric coffee brewing machine. The bottom wall of the basket has at least one port located in a central portion thereof to permit brewed coffee to flow from the disposable brew basket. The disposable brew basket is inserted into the basket receiving recess of the electric coffee brewing machine before brewing.

Disposable brew basket for electric coffee maker
Application Number
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7081263 (B2)
Application Date
May 1, 2002
Publication Date
July 25, 2006
Douglas A Albrecht
St. Louis
Armstrong Teasdale
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A47J 31/00
B65B 29/02
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