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The invention relates to a method and system that utilizes one or more cassettes or trays, which hold one or more types of medicaments, the cassettes or trays being configured for secure and intelligent dispensing of the medicaments. In one embodiment, a smart tray for dispensing medicaments includes: a housing; a chamber within the housing to store the medicament units; an outlet defined in the housing to dispense the medicament units; and a rotatable disk within the housing and defining at least one radial groove configured to hold at least one medicament unit, the rotatable disk being positioned between the storage chamber and the outlet whereby when the rotatable disk rotates, the at least one radial groove carries the at least one medicament unit from the chamber to the outlet. In a further embodiment, the smart tray includes a memory device within the housing to store information pertaining to the medicament units stored in the tray and/or information pertaining to the status or operation of the tray.

Smart tray for dispensing medicaments
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7080755 (B2)
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September 13, 2004
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July 25, 2006
Helene Laliberte
Rochester Hills, 48307
Michael Handfield
Rochester Hills, 48307
Morrison & Foerster
G07F 11/00
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