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The present invention relates to an interactive digital system enabling viewers full and active participation in experiencing a live broadcast event. Particularly, the presentation of the live event is personalized for the viewer through the provision of various options, including multiple video streams, associated with different camera angles, for example, and integrated audio and graphics segments. Further, information obtained from related Web sites can be integrated into the live program. Various video and audio streams are collected from a live event and forwarded to a central control studio. Graphics are created at the central studio on a personal computer or chyron device. After receiving the video, audio and graphics signals, the signals are digitized and compressed in digital compressors. These signals are then combined with special data codes into a “digital package,” and subsequently, transmitted over a cable distribution system. Once received at a viewer home, the signals are received and processed in an interactive digital cable box. Selections of the video, audio, graphics displays and/or Web pages can be made as a function of immediate viewer entries, or to interrogatory responses presented at the beginning or during the program, or based on a prestored viewer profile. Once a decision is made to switch from one video to another video option, the digital switch is performed seamlessly. The digital interactive system is based upon seamless branches which occur in the course of full-motion video.

Digital interactive system for providing full interactivity with live programming events
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7079176 (B1)
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October 27, 2000
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July 18, 2006
Craig Ullman
Michael J Freeman
Long Island
Morrison & Foerster
H04N 5/445
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