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A system and methods allowing the creation, integration, and transaction of advantages (e.g. desired environment features and/or elements). In an illustrative implementation, the system may operate partially or completely in a computing environment. Where a computing environment is employed, the computing environment may support a computing application running on a stand alone or networked computing system. The computing application may maintain a user interface portion, a processing portion, and cooperate with a database. In operation, a user may register his/her profile information with an advantages content provider such that when navigating through the computing application, the user have access to and purchase offered advantages and interact with interactive advertisements to purchase products and/or services. The advantages may be retrieved from a cooperating database and provided to the user. A record of the transaction is stored by the computing application in accordance to user profile so that the user may be properly charged for the transacted advantages or purchased products and/or services.

System and methods for obtaining advantages and transacting the same in a computer gaming environment
Application Number
Publication Number
7076445 (B1)
Application Date
September 29, 2000
Publication Date
July 11, 2006
Shawn D Cartwright
Philadelphia, 19106
G06F 17/60
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