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The exercise apparatus of the invention possesses a small footprint, thus enabling its assembly in a relatively small space. It provides in a single unitary apparatus cooperative components that enable at least 325 different positions of exercise. The apparatus includes a rigid metal frame having a box-like quadrilateral rear section detachably secured to a generally triangular front section that provides a pair of rearwardly inclined support bars on which are adjustably mounted holding elements for supporting components such as barbells. Between the quadrilateral rear section and the triangular front section, is a vertical beam having a multiplicity of vertically spaced mounting apertures, the beam functioning to support an adjustable pulley assembly from which eminates a flexible pull cable. By vertical adjustment of the pulley assembly, the pull cable may be elevated or lowered to change the angle at which a force load is imposed on the muscles of an individual using the apparatus. In conjunction with such adjustable pulley arrangement for modifying the angle of pull on the cable in relation to the user's body, there is provided a pair of telescopically adjustable foot support plates that form adjustable abutments against which the users feet may be placed. By vertically adjusting the pulley assembly and horizontally adjusting the telescopically adjustable foot plates, hundreds of different exercises may be executed.

Exercise apparatus including multiple function aspects and small footprint
Application Number
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7070546 (B1)
Application Date
July 5, 2002
Publication Date
July 4, 2006
Joseph Grasso
San Jose, 95129
John J Leavitt
Jones Tullar&Cooper P C
A63B 21/062
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