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A method of locating nodes in train having at least one node per car and includes enabling each node; querying each enabled node to respond during a response interval; disabling each node which responded; and re-querying the enabled nodes until no further responses are received during a response interval. The method further includes disabling the responding nodes before the expiration of the response interval if the interval is under utilized and after the expiration of the response interval if the interval is fully utilized. The method further includes determining the number of responses during a present response interval and setting the length of a subsequent response interval as a function of the determined number of responses. The number of responses may be determined for a whole interval or for a portion of the present response interval, and the length of the subsequent response interval is set based on the response rate determined for the portion of the present response interval. The subsequent response interval may be initiated before the expiration of the present response interval if a new interval length is to be set.

Adaptive algorithm for locating network devices in an ECP brake-equipped train
Application Number
Publication Number
7069123 (B2)
Application Date
November 12, 2003
Publication Date
June 27, 2006
Christopher Lapointe
Barnes & Thornburg
New York Air Brake Corporation
G01D 1/00
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