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A method and a system is disclosed for providing quality of service (QoS)-driven channel access within a basic service set (BSS) in a wireless network. A contention control (CC) frame is sent from a point coordinator (PC) station of the BSS. The CC frame contains information relating to a number of available centralized contention opportunities (CCOs) for receiving a reservation request (RR) in a centralized contention interval (CCI) following the CC frame. The CC frame also contains information relating to the identification of stations from which an RR was successfully received by the PC station in a preceding CCI. The CC frame is sent by the PC station during a contention-free period (CFP) of a superframe. The superframe includes a contention-free period (CFP) and a contention period (CP). The CC frame is received at a non-PC station in the BSS. An RR is then sent in a selected one of the available CCOs in the CCI in response to the received CC frame. The RR is sent from the non-PC station when the non-PC station has a burst of data frames to send, and the RR indicating an amount of bandwidth requested by the non-PC station sending the RR for transmitting the burst. The RR frame is received at the PC-station in one of the CCOs of the CCI. A multipoll frame is then sent from the PC station containing information relating to at least two transmission opportunities (TOs) assigned to at least one non-PC station in the BSS for data transmission. The information contained in the multipoll frame can include information relating to a length of each TO.

Enhanced channel access mechanisms for QoS-driven wireless lans
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7068633 (B1)
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July 14, 2000
Publication Date
June 27, 2006
Jin Meng Ho
H04Q 7/24
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