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The wheeled cargo container for a pickup or other similar vehicle is a cargo box that will swing out to facilitate the loading of cargo. The design allows the weight of the box and the cargo placed into it to be carried by the shoulder of the hinge bracket and the wheel or wheels. The weight therefore is not a hanging weight as would be the case of a door on its hinges. When the wheeled cargo container is retracted to the out position it stops directly above the tailgate. This allows a person to load cargo without the need to bend over to reach past the tailgate and into the bed of pickup or other similar vehicle. When the wheeled cargo container is retracted into the bed of a vehicle it is kept in place by a bumper that rests against the inside of the tailgate of said vehicle. The container therefore cannot move while the vehicle is in motion and the tailgate is closed. When the container is retracted into the bed, approximately one half of the bed of the vehicle is available to load items that are too long to fit inside of the wheeled cargo container.

Wheeled cargo container
Application Number
Publication Number
7044528 (B2)
Application Date
November 24, 2004
Publication Date
May 16, 2006
Stanley Keith Rhodus
Markleville, 46056
B60N 3/12
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