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A retractable leash device is comprised of a housing with a handle, and a leash wound around an internal reel. The reel is biased by a spring to automatically retract the leash. A momentary unidirectional lock in the housing is arranged to be normally disengaged from unidirectional teeth on the reel. When the momentary unidirectional lock is actuated, the reel is engaged by a ratchet to prevent rotation in the release direction but permit rotation in the retract direction. A toggle lock in the housing is movable between an unlocked position away from the reel, and a locked position between cogs on the reel. A geared rotation damper is engaged with a concentric gear on the reel to limit retraction speed. A clip attached to the housing may be clipped around the leash when the leash is wrapped around a fixed object.

Retractable leash device
Application Number
Publication Number
7040257 (B2)
Application Date
February 3, 2004
Publication Date
May 9, 2006
Andrew Johnston
Redwood City, 94061
Jared Waxman
Belmont, 94002
Priest & Goldstein PLLC
A01K 27/00
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