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In a method for determining the general semantic theme of a group of images, whereby each digitized image is identified as belonging to a specific group of images, one or more image feature measurements are extracted from each of the digitized images in an image group, and then used to produce an individual image confidence measure that an individual image belongs to one or more semantic classifications. Then, the individual image confidence measures for the images in the image group are used to produce an image group confidence measure that the image group belongs to one or more semantic classifications, and the image group confidence measure is used to decide whether the image group belongs to one or to none of the semantic classifications, whereby the selected semantic classification constitutes the general semantic theme of the group of images. Additionally, a plurality of semantic theme processors, one for each semantic classification, are provided to produce enhanced value imaging services and products for image groups that fall into an appropriate semantic theme.

Method and system for processing images for themed imaging services
Application Number
Publication Number
7035467 (B2)
Application Date
January 9, 2002
Publication Date
April 25, 2006
Henry Nicponski
David M Woods
Eastman Kodak Company
G06K 9/62
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