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A folding knife having a blade locking member carried for sliding movement within a channel defined in the handle, the locking member being movable to a blade locking position when the blade is in an extended position. A spring, or other biasing structures, such as an opposing magnet arrangement, provide a spring-like biasing of the locking member towards a blade locking. In one embodiment, the locking member extends substantially the full width of the handle and is accessible from either side of the knife handle. The locking member includes a ramp on the underside thereof for contacting a projection, or bump, on the rearward portion of the blade tang. An adjustable bushing is provided which allows for adjustment of the blade within the handle to provide for both ease of pivoting of the blade, while reducing any lateral play in the blade within the handle.

Folding knife with locking blade
Application Number
Publication Number
7032315 (B1)
Application Date
June 2, 2003
Publication Date
April 25, 2006
Jerry P Busse
Wauseon, 45587
Thomas W Epting
Leatherwood Walker Todd & Mann P C
B26B 3/06
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