07029455 is referenced by 346 patents and cites 191 patents.

A device for delivering a fluid to a patient, including an exit port, a dispenser for causing fluid from a reservoir to flow to the exit port, a local processor programmed to cause a flow of fluid to the exit port based on flow instructions from a separate, remote control device, and a wireless receiver connected to the local processor for receiving the flow instructions. The device also includes a housing free of user input components for providing flow instructions to the local processor, in order to reduce the complexity and costs of the device so that the device lends itself to being disposable in nature. A system and a kit are also described that include the fluid delivery device, a separate, remote control device, and accessories for transcutaneous delivery of fluid medications. Methods of utilizing the fluid delivery device to infuse fluid medications are additionally disclosed.

Devices, systems and methods for patient infusion
Application Number
Publication Number
7029455 (B2)
Application Date
November 15, 2002
Publication Date
April 18, 2006
J Christopher Flaherty
Insulet Corporation
A61M 31/00
A61M 1/00
A61M 37/00
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