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A system and method for remote asset management is described which can provide the basis for a diverse product group including an improved remote location monitoring system, a means for communicating with and for monitoring the status and or location of a plurality of diverse assets, as well as the means for communicating with said assets for the purpose of modifying the operational status of one or more of said assets according to one or more stored data parameters such as location, use, battery power, and such like. The remote asset management system comprises a wireless module, which is associated with at least one of the plurality of asset and which is interfaced with the operating system of said assert and or with an electromechanical control means, which may control one or more features of the operation of said assets. A supporting network-based, or internet-based service platform, controls and manages the status of each of the plurality of assets, either automatically, or in response to received messages from fixed or wireless communication devices, and which is capable of selectively communicating data to said assets for changing the operational status of said assets according to pre-programmed conditions.

System and method for monitoring and control of wireless modules linked to assets
Application Number
Publication Number
7027808 (B2)
Application Date
May 21, 2003
Publication Date
April 11, 2006
Philip Bernard Wesby
Tiddington, Stratford Upon Avon, CB37 7AJ
Bromberg & Sunstein
H04M 3/00
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