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An application of rate gyros and accelerometers allows electronic measurement of the motion of a rigid or semi-rigid body, such as a body associated with sporting equipment including a fly rod during casting, a baseball bat, a tennis racquet or a golf club during swinging. For instance, data can be collected by one gyro according to the present invention is extremely useful in analyzing the motion of a fly rod during fly casting instruction, and can also be used during the research, development and design phases of fly casting equipment including fly rods and fly lines. Similarly, data collected by three gyros and three accelerometers is extremely useful in analyzing the three dimensional motion of other sporting equipment such as baseball bats, tennis racquets and golf clubs. This data can be used to support instruction as well as design of the sporting equipment.

Electronic measurement of the motion of a moving body of sports equipment
Application Number
Publication Number
7021140 (B2)
Application Date
July 24, 2002
Publication Date
April 4, 2006
Noel C Perkins
Ann Arbor, 48106
Young & Basile P C
Noel C Perkins
A63B 69/00
G01P 3/00
G01P 1/00
G01P 15/00
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