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The invention relates generally to framing systems and more particularly is concerned with systems adapted to mount panels or laminates in an array on a supporting roof structure of a building exemplified with the mounting of solar electric photovoltaic (PV) panels. The framing system described uses extruded elongate elements with a sealing element to frame the PV panel as a weatherproof PV solar roof tile. Individual frame element profiles effectively embody the PV building integration, (BiPV) or mounting method, of the solar tile within the frame itself. Only a few additional flashing components are needed to complete the PV tile array as part of the roof, or with minor variations, as a PV wall cladding. Full BiPV panel mounting methods show potential to be used for co-generation (PV/T) of solar thermal energy capture in buildings. The batten support structures of the solar tile permit variation in roof batten spacing to be tolerated in retro-fit situations, make trafficable roof with the tiles possible and provide long term weather-ability as a building element through moisture reduction by air flow and smaller surface contact. Draining of internal roof condensate from the back of the tiles to the exterior is another feature of the frame system described.

Framing system for solar panels
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7012188 (B2)
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October 4, 2002
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March 14, 2006
Peter Stuart Erling
St Peters, New S. Wales, 2044
Welsh & Katz
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