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A temperature control system adapted for use with an article of clothing and designed to cool the wearer of the article of clothing. The temperature control system comprises a canister containing a cooling agent in its gaseous or vaporous state, a regulator for adjusting the flow of cooling agent from the canister and at least one supply line for delivering the cooling agent to an optimal release point. The canister can be an integral part of the article of clothing adapted to be recharged with the cooling agent or can be removable from the article of clothing, adapted to be refilled and replaced. The at least one supply line can be a plurality of supply lines delivering cooling agent to several optimal release points located within the article of clothing. The regulator enables the user to adjust the amount of cooling agent in order to obtain an optimal level of comfort. The temperature control system can be incorporated into any type of clothing article or apparel, including shirts, pants, blouses, footwear (shoes and boots), headgear (caps, hats, helmets), gloves and belts.

Nanoclimate clothing and apparel
Application Number
Publication Number
7010931 (B2)
Application Date
September 22, 2003
Publication Date
March 14, 2006
Clemie Lee
Stone Mountain, 30087-5273
F25D 23/12
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