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A process deploys detection devices in the carrier vehicles, collection facilities and collection boxes to determine if hazardous materials have deposited. The system is designed to provide detection, identification and measurement of chemical, biological and DNA/RNA elements. When a hazardous material is detected, an alarm notifies the worker. The system communicates with a central monitoring station that receives vehicle ID, GPS positioning and identification of the hazardous material. A HAZMAT team is then dispatched to the vehicle site. Systems that can benefit include carrier vehicles, collection boxes, collection facilities, mail carriers, cargo carriers, freight carriers, package delivery services, express delivery services, etc. The carrier vehicles may include trucks, automobiles, aircraft and ships. The collection boxes may include, containers, mail collection boxes, express delivery collection boxes, etc. The collection facilities may include mail and package receiving centers, express mail and package receiving stations, and shipping and receiving stations.

Carrier security system
Application Number
Publication Number
7005982 (B1)
Application Date
October 25, 2002
Publication Date
February 28, 2006
David L Frank
Highland Beach, 33487
Fleit Kain Gibbons Gutman Bongini & Bianco P L
Jose Gutman
G08B 1/08
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