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This fenestration locking system for a swinging sash or door is characterized by the use of a linear member running continuously from an actuating assembly to a locking pin assembly. The linear member can be a flexible linear member, allowing it to convey motion to the locking pin assembly around corners. The locking pin assembly has a moveable locking pin with an actuator and an extension that can engage a keeper. The linear member has multiple actuator engagement sites along its length where the actuator of the locking pin can engage the linear member. The linear member can then be used to move the locking pin with respect to the locking pin assembly so that the extension can engage or disengage a keeper. The locking pin assembly can be mounted on a fenestration frame and the keeper opposingly mounted on a window or door mounted in the fenestration frame. Alternately, the keeper can be incorporated into the fenestration frame and the locking pin assembly opposingly mounted on the window or door mounted in the fenestration frame.

Fenestration locking system
Application Number
Publication Number
7004515 (B2)
Application Date
May 23, 2002
Publication Date
February 28, 2006
E Erik Timothy
Brown & Michaels PC Eugene S Stephens & Associates
Caldwell Manufacturing Company
E05C 1/02
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