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A compound archery bow includes a handle having at least one projecting limb, and a pulley mounted for rotation on the limb. Bow cable segments extend from the bow pulley, including a bowstring cable segment extending from a bowstring let-out groove on the pulley, a second cable segment extending from second cable let-out on the pulley, and a third cable segment extending from a cable take-up groove on the pulley. Draw of the bowstring cable segment away from the handle withdraws the bowstring cable segment from the let-out groove on the pulley and rotates the pulley around its axis, withdraws the first cable segment from the cable let-out on the pulley, and winds the second cable segment into the cable take-up groove on the pulley. The cable take-up groove is contoured such that the draw force on the bowstring cable segment increases as a function of draw to a first level, and then decreases to a second level less than the first level and at which draw force remains substantially constant.

Compound archery bow
Application Number
Publication Number
6994079 (B1)
Application Date
October 13, 2004
Publication Date
February 7, 2006
Rex F Darlington
Whittemore, 48770
Reising Ethington Barnes Kisselle P C
F41B 5/10
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