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The present invention is a method, circuit and system for determining a reference voltage to be used in reading cells programmed to a given program state. Some embodiments of the present invention relate to a system, method and circuit for establishing a set of operating reference cells to be used in operating (e.g. reading) cells in a NVM block or array. As part of the present invention, at least a subset of cells of the NVM block or array may be read and the number of cells found at a given state associated with the array may be compared to one or more check sum values obtained during programming of the at least a subset of cells. A Read Verify threshold reference voltage associated with the given program state or associated with an adjacent state may be adjusted based on the result of the comparison.

Method circuit and system for read error detection in a non-volatile memory array
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6992932 (B2)
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October 29, 2003
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January 31, 2006
Guy Cohen
Eitan Law Group
Saifun Semiconductors
G11C 16/06
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