06990990 is referenced by 14 patents and cites 37 patents.

A walker for aiding an individual rising from or returning to a seated position is disclosed. The walker comprises a frame structure including a first side frame having a first anterior leg and a first posterior leg, a second side frame having a second anterior leg and a second posterior leg, and a center frame connecting the first side frame and the second side frame. The walker further includes a first support assembly attached to the first anterior leg of the first side frame, the first support assembly including a first support handle being rotatable in a plane substantially perpendicular to the axis of the first anterior leg. Thus, the first support handle is effective in aiding the individual rising from or returning to the seated position.

Walker with support handle
Application Number
Publication Number
6990990 (B2)
Application Date
February 28, 2003
Publication Date
January 31, 2006
John F Miller
Midlothian, 23114
Glen R Wilensky
Richmond, 23229
Hunton & Williams
A61H 3/00
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