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The present invention relates to a supported catalyst system. The supported catalyst of the present invention comprises an inorganic support having attached to at least one surface thereof non-acidic, hydrophillic, hydroxyl-containing organic R10 groups having no or substantially no surface charge in solution, and at least one linker capable of binding a catalytic species, e.g. an enzyme or an organometallic molecule, wherein the linker is attached to a catalytic species. The R10 groups preferably are selected from the group consisting of —CH2OH, —CH(OH)2, —CH(OH)CH3, —CH2CH2OH, —CH(OH)2CH3, —CH2CH(OH)2, —CH(OH)CH2(OH) and mixtures thereof. The presence of the R10 groups on the support surface prevents or reduces non-specific binding of the catalytic species with the support surface by minimizing hydrophobic interactions and providing no or substantially no surface charge in the region of the support having catalytic species attached thereto. Simultaneously, the linker binds the catalytic species to the surface of the support in a manner which permits the catalytic species to be freely available for catalytic activity. Methods of catalyzing a reaction using the supported catalyst system of the invention are also disclosed.

Supported catalyst systems
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6987079 (B2)
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February 3, 2003
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January 17, 2006
Richard Franklin Wormsbecher
Charles A Cross
W R Grace & Co Conn
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