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A geographical web browser allows a user to navigate a network application such as the Word Wide Web by physically navigating in geographical coordinates and roaming through coverage areas of cellular base stations, wireless LANs, microcells, and other such broadcast domains. A mobile unit communicates with a network server via an air interface that supports wireless packet data. A network server uses a set of user preferences to filter a set of server-side information in accordance with a user's interest and the user's present location. A content-selective information filter performs a network server-side search to identify content that matches the user's preferences and the user's location and selectively generates an unsolicited push message at a later time to notify the user of relevant results when the user enters a geographical area where the search is satisfied. In some embodiments, the push message is used to notify the user that information is available for download, and in other embodiments the push message provides the content directly to the user.

Geographical web browser, methods, apparatus and systems
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6983139 (B2)
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September 10, 2004
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January 3, 2006
Mark Nicholas Anastasi
Highland Village, 75077
Duncan Leo MacFarlane
Dallas, 75225
Eric Morgan Dowling
Holmes Beach, 34217
Eric M Dowling
H04M 11/04
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