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In one aspect, the present invention relates to a system for monitoring wind turbines, wherein image and acoustic monitoring, in particular, is performed. In order to further improve, for example, the maintenance, safety and efficiency of a wind turbine, it is desirable to monitor additional parameters of the wind turbine. A wind turbine is provided, wherein acoustic and optical sensors are employed to monitor the operation of the wind turbine. In one embodiment, the optical sensor images a particular location in the nacelle housing when the acoustic sensor detects a sound emanating from that location in the nacelle housing. A method for monitoring a wind turbine is described wherein when a deviation between the operating acoustic spectrum and the reference acoustic spectrum exceeds the threshold, the component that generated the operating acoustic spectrum is imaged.

System and method for monitoring a wind turbine
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6966754 (B2)
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February 14, 2002
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November 22, 2005
Aloys Wobben
D-26607 Aurich
Neil A Steinberg
B64C 009/00
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