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The invention provides systems and methods for facilitating the sale of commodity-like goods/services. The commodity-like goods/services at which the invention is directed, are of a type that are relatively indistinguishable from one brand, identity and/or outlet to another in end-use functionality and features. These types of goods/services are many times sold at retail under various brands or identities at multiple locations, to the final end user. Such goods/services may also or separately be of a type that are repeatedly purchased at intervals, and/or for which the price varies between purchases, from outlet to outlet or brand to brand. The goods/services may also be of a character such that they are not deliverable to the consumer, but require the consumer to travel to the retailer outlet. The system and methods also provide information relating to the consumers and competitors of a retailer of such goods/services. The invention establishes methods and procedures to define, organize, collect, distribute, and maintain information that can be used by the owner of a business selling commodity-like goods/services as well as by its customers. This information may include, but is not limited to, name brand of the product, location of the retailer, price of the product, other related goods/services available and their prices, and promotions. These processes may be performed and implemented on a computer network that is accessible in real time via a suitable communication device, such as a computer, wireless communication device, telephone or the like. A database of such information is created, allowing the consumer and other retailers to query the database using various search criteria. The consumer has the opportunity to obtain information about retailers of commodity-like goods/services that meet the consumer's requirements, and pricing may be guaranteed by the retailer.

Systems, methods and computer program products for facilitating the sale of commodity-like goods/services
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6965872 (B1)
Application Date
August 2, 2000
Publication Date
November 15, 2005
Jerome M Grdina
Shaker Heights
Hahn Loeser Parks
G06F 017/60
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