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A system and method are disclosed which provide a look-down digital imaging device capable of capturing relatively high resolution digital images (e.g., comparable to traditional flatbed scanners). A preferred embodiment provides a look-down digital imaging device comprising a linear sensor for imaging a raster line of an original image placed substantially below the look-down digital imaging device, and a lens for focusing reflected light from the original to such linear sensor. The linear sensor functions much as in traditional flatbed scanners in that it captures a single, congruent digital image of a scanned original. Most preferably, the linear sensor is a high resolution sensor that enables a digital image to be captured having resolution comparable to that of traditional flatbed scanners. For instance, the linear sensor preferably enables capture of a digital image having a resolution no less than approximately 300 dpi. As a result, such linear sensor most preferably captures a digital image having sufficient resolution to permit optical character recognition operations to be performed on such captured image. In a most preferred embodiment, the look-down digital imaging device further comprises a digital video camera for capturing video data of a target scan area. Such video data may be fed in substantially real-time to a display (either included within the look-down digital imaging device or included on a device to which the look-down digital imaging device is coupled), which may aid a user in properly aligning an original within the target scan area.

Method and system for scanning an image using a look-down linear array scanner
Application Number
Publication Number
6965460 (B1)
Application Date
August 8, 2000
Publication Date
November 15, 2005
Roland John Burns
Santa Cruz
Robert G Gann
Hewlett Packard Development Company
H04N 001/04
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