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An anti-icing spray assembly includes a base housing having a generally open top and a cavity. The base housing is adapted to be mounted in a roadway. A spray housing is removably secured to the base housing with at least a portion of the spray housing being disposed in the cavity of the base housing. The spray housing defines an interior chamber and is watertight so as to substantially prevent water from entering the interior chamber. The spray housing includes at least one spray outlet adapted to spray an anti-icing agent onto the roadway. At least one valve assembly is disposed in the interior chamber of the spray housing. The valve assembly is operably connected to the at least one spray outlet. The valve assembly is moveable between a closed position and an open position, wherein the valve assembly is adapted to permit the flow of the anti-icing agent through the at least one spray outlet and onto the roadway when moved to the open position. An anti-icing spray system includes a plurality of anti-icing spray assemblies installed in a roadway having a surface. A fluid conduit communicates with and supplies an anti-icing agent to the respective spray assemblies. A method of installing an anti-icing spray system in a roadway includes installing a plurality of base housings in the roadway such that the base housings do not protrude above a surface thereof, inserting a plurality of spray housings into corresponding ones of the base housings and removably securing the plurality of spray housings to the base housings.

Anti-icing spray assembly
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6955304 (B2)
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October 6, 2003
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October 18, 2005
Jerry R Waldman
Castle Rock
Michael E Beach
East Troy
Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione
Energy Absorption Systems
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