06955116 is referenced by 46 patents and cites 29 patents.

A beverage dispensing apparatus for extracting beverage from a cartridge includes a slide assembly including a cartridge holder for receiving the cartridge. The slide assembly is used for moving the cartridge holder from a loading position to a loaded position. An injection assembly is coupled to the slide assembly, and includes an injector movable relative to the slide assembly. The injector is movable into and out of an injection position, for piercing the cartridge to inject a liquid into the cartridge. A driving assembly is coupled to the injection assembly for moving the injection assembly into and out of the injection position. An extraction mechanism cooperates with the cartridge holder and includes an extractor that is movable between an extraction position for piercing the cartridge and extracting the beverage, and a non-use position.

Beverage dispensing machine including cartridge ejector assembly
Application Number
Publication Number
6955116 (B2)
Application Date
June 13, 2003
Publication Date
October 18, 2005
Robert Hale
Scarborough, Ontario, M1R 4G3
Breneman & Georges
A47J 031/40
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