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An ice delivery system includes an ice bin with an ice maker thereon. An auger dispenses ice from the bin and agitators within the bin prevent blockage. The agitation may follow a pattern depending on the location of the agitators with some about the periphery less employed than those adjacent the auger. An ice gate receives ice and flowing air to direct the ice pneumatically to a multistation diverter. The flow through the diverter is vertically downwardly. Tubes from the diverter convey ice to remote dispensing stations. The dispensing stations have prechambers with drains and lockable gates to advantageously receive ice for delivery into the remote station bins or block the ice storage area to allow cleaning. Conduit couplings are configured to connect tubing without creating an area of ice blockage or allowing the buildup of contamination. Germicidal lights or ozone may be used in the ice bin to avoid contamination. Further, active agents for cleaning, de-scaling or sanitizing may be introduced through the ice gate on an automatic cycled basis.

Method and apparatus for the distribution of ice
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6953132 (B2)
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May 13, 2003
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October 11, 2005
Richard M Humphreys
Mount Merrion, County Dublin
Leonid Zatulovsky
Northridge, 91326
Donald J Verley
Lake Hughes, 93532
Gerald P McCann
Los Angeles, 90068
Jacobson Holman PLLC
B67D 001/16
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